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the HOLLISTER EXCHANGE CLUB has been serving the CITY of hollister since 1926!

Unity for Service. The Hollister Exchange Club is dedicated to serving the local community through various service and fundraising projects. Our club has been in service to our community for more than 90 years. We are part of National Exchange Club, an organization serving local youth for over 100 years.

We'd love for you to come join us at one of our meetings or a service project. 

We meet every other Monday (except US holidays) at 6:00 PM Paine's Restaurant

Projects & Community Outreach

As much money as possible goes to the youth of the County of San Benito without exception.  We focus on groups and typically avoid individual grants in most cases.  This allows us to put the money where it can impact the most.

Youth of the Year Scholarships

Boy Scout Troop 436 Charter Organization

Grants to several local youth related activities.

Member Testimonials

Being a member has been a fun and rewarding experience.  It's nice knowing that we're the difference in a child's life who'd otherwise might go without in our community.  We've also had some killer BBQ along the way.

Josh Redmond

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2017 San Benito County Fair Gross Sales - 10/02/2017

Initial results are in for the San Benito County Fair's Beer & Wine sales that the Hollister Exchange Club helped organize and run.

This year places the Club in record territory going back to at least 2005 for the beer and wine sales total.  We managed to top $40,000 in gross receipts.

Thank You to all involved including Hollister's own Boy Scout Troop 436.  Troop 436 was intrumental in this success by organizing and running the inside consessions for the grandstands.  The Scouts themselves helped prepare and sell hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and candy with the assistance of the Troop's Scoutmasters and parents.  The Hollister Exchange Club, being the chartering...